How to Apply Makeup in the Correct Order

Tip to apply makeup in the correct order

Majority of women look for makeup tips and application techniques that provide the “sparkle” without looking made up or overdone. The secret to this concept is finding that balance and understanding what looks good on you. Applying makeup doesn’t have to be rocket science, and it’s okay to not know all the tricks in the book.

Our goal is to help you find your signature makeup routine, and make you understand when to spruce it up every now and then for special occasions. The first step to flawless makeup application is using quality products from good brands. For everything else, we have compiled step-by-step makeup application tips below.
Makeup Chart in the Correct Order
You don’t necessarily have to follow all the steps we’re about to discuss below. Feel free to skip as many steps as you want depending on the amount of makeup you’re comfortable with.
The Correct Order

Face wash
Foundation primer

Woman washing her face
Begin your makeup routine by washing your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash recommended for your skin type. If you have other skincare routine(s), you can do it now.
Woman Applying Moisturizer
Gently pat your face dry and apply a decent amount of moisturizer all over your face and neck area.
Woman applying sunscreen cream
In the same manner, apply sunscreen as well.
The next step is to apply a long-lasting foundation primer all over your face. With your fingertips, blend the primer evenly over the entire face until it feels dry to touch.
The Correct Order

Foundation or BB cream
Setting powder

Woman applying skin foundation on face
Always apply foundation before the concealer as the latter helps cover

Useful Tips to Choose a Blush for Your Skin

Tip to choose a blush for your skin

“You don’t want to look washed out by choosing a shade that is too light for your complexion or too overdone by choosing a bright shade. Finding the right shade will make your overall makeup look cohesive.”
― Elizabeth Ulloa, makeup artist
For most women, the struggle to pick the right blush is unending. With so many amazing shades out there, it sure is a tough job to zero in on the one that suits you the most. But, we are here to tell you that there’s no need to be overwhelmed by it. With some useful tips to choose a blush for your skin, you can easily get natural- and subtle-looking makeup every time.
Finding Your Skin Undertone
What is skin undertone? There are three types of undertones―cool, neutral, or warm. What this means is that an undertone is the color that is underneath your skin. Even though your skin tone may alter over time due to sun exposure, age, pollution, etc., the undertone will remain the same.

There are two tests you can do at home to determine your skin undertone.

1. To do the first test, you need to stand outside where there is direct sunlight. Hold out your arm, palm facing upward, and look at the color of your veins.
2. For the second test, you will require one silver bracelet and one gold bracelet. Now, wear both on either arm to see which one looks better (not your personal preference).

People with cool undertones

1. … have blue or purple veins on their wrists.
2. … look good in silver jewelry rather than gold.

If you have a cool undertone and have a fair skin tone, you should go with a pale pink, plum, apricot, rosy tones,

Makeup Basics for Men

Makeup basics for men

Men and makeup were two words that never went together, but that is not the case in today’s beauty-conscious era. More and more men are indulging in makeup and skin care products, and spend hundreds of dollars per month on cosmetics. Like women, men are also conscious about their looks and are becoming attuned to the beauty world.

Luckily for men, they do not have to hassle themselves with blush, bronzes, eye shadow, lipstick, and the likes. Also, they do not have to worry about the various brushes or storage space for their countless products, like women do. They just need to perfect the art of wearing foundation and the basic skin care needs.

Due to the texture of their skin, the technique for applying makeup for men is a little different from that of women. This article gives you a walk through on how to apply makeup from start to finish so that you look fresh all day long. So, check out the below given basic makeup tips, which will surely help you to hide your flaws and accentuate your best features, every time there is an occasion to dress up, or just on a day-to-day basis.

Makeup Basics
Choosing Your Products

The first step towards choosing your products is to determine your skin type and tone. Your skin type can be either oily, dry, normal, or combination. There are a range of cosmetics available for every skin type and complexion, so that the skin does not react badly to makeup. Always make sure you choose products that complement your skin tone, and not the ones that are too light or dark. Test the products on the inner part of your wrist, and choose the base that covers up your veins well. When it comes

4 Types of Manicures Every Woman Should Know

Gel manicure

Manicures! Every woman loves to pamper herself with them. Whether it is at a salon or at home, manicures are an integral part of our beauty routine. It is a process in which the nail is cleaned, moisturized, cut, and shaped. Initially, a base coat is applied on the nail, after which two coats of color are applied. It is topped with a top coat, and your manicure is done. Well, this is just a basic manicure, but why go for a normal one, when you have so many cooler options?

In case you are looking for something different, look no further. We present before you four different types of manicures that every woman should know. Check them out along with some very stylish designs for each type. And who said you cannot have a cool manicure if you have short nails? If your real nails are short or brittle, you can choose from the artificial nails. For all the lovely ladies with short nails, we have some rather amazing designs you should definitely have a look at. So, start checking out the lovely manicure designs we have put up for you, pronto!

French Manicure

White French Manicure

Who doesn’t love a classic French manicure? There are some who may find it to be a bit mundane, but it still has the distinction of being the most popular manicure. It looks elegant, and instantly gives a sophisticated look. It goes with any outfit and compliments any occasion.


First, apply a transparent base coat to the nail. Then, paint the tips are with a stark white color.
Once they have dried, apply a coat of transparent nail polish on top.
Although white is used in conventional French manicure, you can experiment with different shades for a stylish look.

Classy Ways to Wear Polo

Wearing a polo

Buttoned Up/Indie-boy Look
Over the years, many pop stars and celebrities have played a major role in boosting the popularity of the buttoned-up look. A buttoned up polo, however, would not go well with baggy jeans; it should be worn with slim-fit or standard fit jeans.

Polo with Trousers
Wanna channel Brando at work? Pair your stylish polo shirt with a pair of slim fit trousers, but stay away from pinstriped or too formal trousers. Hey, you want to look fun and responsible at the same time, don’t you?

Take a break, Sport the White:
Whether you’re heading for a sporting event or a casual hangout, white beats all. Pair a white slim cut pique with tapering chinos and brown loafers, and you are ready to grab eyeballs.

Pros and Cons of Shellac Nails

Pros and cons of Shellac nails

There’s nothing worse than chipped nail polish, and a California-based company, CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) knows all about it. The organization is a world-renowned leader in professional nail, hand, and foot beauty products that has launched a number of products ever since it was founded in 1979. And as the world of nail care industry advanced, so came the creation of CND® SHELLAC®―a hybrid product that is half nail polish and half gel. Also, it claims to keep your nail color intact for over 14 days. With 73 designer shades to choose from, CND promises that every woman on this planet can have a hassle-free and convenient experience with Shellac nails every time.

As the popularity of this brand is growing at an alarming rate, we thought of compiling a detailed pros and cons list of Shellac nails for you. Go through the information provided below carefully before you find a salon that provides the service.


First off, let’s understand the process of getting your nails painted with Shellac. It starts with you picking the nail polish color of your choice. Then the manicurist cuts the cuticles, files the nails, and buffs them. Working on one hand at a time, she will apply a CND Shellac base coat, two CND Shellac color coats, and a CND Shellac top coat on your nails. You will place your hand inside the CND UV Lamp for about 3 – 4 minutes while she works on your other hand.

◆ Once the top coat has dried completely, you can just walk out of the salon carefree. With other manicures, you need to be careful so that the nail polish doesn’t get smudged. However, with Shellac, you can just get up and leave (and put your

Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Ways to wear gladiator sandals

Play it cool on a warm summer day by teaming your high gladiators with denim shorts and an oversized T-shirt, which you could either choose to tuck in or leave out. Add a belt to this ensemble if you choose to tuck in your T. Funk it up with a long chain and a cute sling bag.
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals-With Skirt
Step out in trend with an oversized off-white shirt, teamed with a light-brown corduroy skirt. Pair these with either high or low gladiators of the same color. You could also carry a large envelope clutch.
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals-With Leggings
Sport ankle-length leggings with low gladiators. You could go all black or add little patterns or color though the gladiators. Plain, plaid, or print – any kind of oversized top with it would do. Make your look more edgy with a cool asymmetrical jacket.
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals-With Dress
Look perfect for an outdoor brunch with a look that definitely screams summer. A white cotton dress with brown suede gladiators and a matching belt is perfect. Add a bit of color with an aqua, turquoise, or teal jewelry. Stay protected from the sun with a trendy floppy summer hat.
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals-With Jeans
Opt for a semi-formal look with a pair of ankle-length jeans, a white T-shirt, and a pair of low gladiator sandals. Make this ensemble look just wow with a tailored jacket with shoulder pads. Accessorize with some simple bangles and a necklace just to jazz it up a notch.
Ways to Wear Gladiator Sandals-With Maxi Dress
Be a dreamy warrior princess in a flowy maxi dress with either a front or side slit. A pair of high gladiator sandals will make

Beautiful Manicure and Pedicure Combinations to Try

Manicure-pedicure combination

Selecting a color for manicure is always a mind-boggling task. Sometimes you are in the sexy red nails mood, while at other times, you prefer to keep it subtle with nudes. Then again you have to choose pedicure options. And many times, after you apply a color, you feel like going for a different one.

So to make your task a wee bit easier, and to give you some exciting ideas and combinations, we have compiled some must-try manicure-pedicure options in this Buzzle post. Of course choosing one from the ones listed here can be a little confusing, but no worries; all of them will earn you lots of compliments!

Nail Polish Combinations for Manicure and Pedicure

You don’t have to flaunt the same shade on your fingers and toes. Why settle for one when you can get more! More the contrast better the pairing works. Darker shades work better with toes, but that does not mean you have to stick to the rules. Play with colors and textures and you will be surprised how stunning some unexpected combinations look.

Nude and Red
The subtlety of nude is perfectly balanced by the attention-grabbing red

Ideas and Inspiration

If going for French manicure or nail art, it is advisable to co-ordinate your nails and toes. It will give a more sophisticated feel. Even when opting for nail art, it is better to keep the base color same or at least coordinated.

French Manicure and Pedicure
If you want a classy and formal look, then the best option is French manicure and pedicure.
Nail Art
You can include other elements or even a little color to make your nails stand out.

Red manicure pedicure
Red! Nothing can match the class and glamor of red nails. All you gotta do is choose the right

Dressy Casual Attire

Dressy casual attire

Often, an invitation to an important function requires you to dress a certain way. In most cases, the invitation will specify what kind of dress code you are required to adhere to. If you have received an invitation to an event that is not entirely formal, but one that requires you to tread that thin line between formal and casual, then you have probably been asked to go the dressy casual way.

For such an event, you need to sport a look that borders on the formal and casual, and is deemed acceptable by the host of the event. Some examples of events for which you may be asked to go with a dressy casual look are class or school reunions, semi-formal dinners with friends or family, PTA meetings, or art gallery exhibitions.
What is Dressy Casual For Men?
As far as men are concerned, the range of fashion clothing on offer is very limited. However, the variety of designs and colors available can enable men to sport different looks. Although, at the end of the day, there is no comparison to the variety that is available for women. The best way to dress according to the invitation is to avoid certain articles of clothing. Here are some examples that shed some light on this matter.

Often, people do not consider jeans to be a part of the dressy casual attire, but if the pair of jeans looks simple yet elegant, it can be a great option. Men can wear a jacket or an overcoat along with a pair of jeans or khaki pants and a plain tee or a white shirt. Another option for men is to wear a sophisticated open-collared shirt without a jacket, along with a comfortable pair of pants. Men

What is the Difference between American and French Manicure?

Difference between American and French manicure

Historically speaking
In ancient Babylonia, males colored their nails with kohl. The nail color indicated ‘status’, where males of a higher class wore black, while males of a lower class wore green. From 5000 BCE to 3000 BCE, ancient Egyptian women used the color of one’s nails to indicate their social status.
Do you need a day out for pampering? It’s time to get your manicure done. But are you sure which one to get out of the most common choices offered, an American manicure or a French manicure? Is there a difference between the two?
French Manicure
French manicures are designed to give you a clean, gorgeous look. These are so classic that women never want to go to weddings without their French manicures done. The French style calls for a vivid, bold white tip, with a neutral, pinkish style of tone on the rest of the nail.
American Manicure
American manicures are not as crisp and defined as the French manicure. This manicure can be considered as an update to French manicures, giving a more natural, softer semblance. A flesh- or cream-colored base is applied, with an off-white or pale nude-colored tip, forgoing the stark-white tip for a more neutral one. Quite simply, this manicure look calls for a translucent or pale look. To an onlooker, American-manicured nails may look exactly like French ones, but they are finely, perhaps significantly different.
Let us take you through the step-by-step approach to doing your nails with your choice of manicure, while pointing out the subtle differences between the two.
Getting Your Nails Ready
Get your supplies
Need a magnificent manicure, but no time to visit a manicure salon? A home manicure can look professional, if planned and prepared. Make