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4 Types of Manicures Every Woman Should Know

Manicures! Every woman loves to pamper herself with them. Whether it is at a salon or at home, manicures are an integral part of our beauty routine. It is a process in which the nail is cleaned, moisturized, cut, and shaped. Initially, a base coat is applied on the nail, after which two coats of color are applied. It is… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Shellac Nails

There’s nothing worse than chipped nail polish, and a California-based company, CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) knows all about it. The organization is a world-renowned leader in professional nail, hand, and foot beauty products that has launched a number of products ever since it was founded in 1979. And as the world of nail care industry advanced, so came the… Read more »

Beautiful Manicure and Pedicure Combinations to Try

Selecting a color for manicure is always a mind-boggling task. Sometimes you are in the sexy red nails mood, while at other times, you prefer to keep it subtle with nudes. Then again you have to choose pedicure options. And many times, after you apply a color, you feel like going for a different one. So to make your task… Read more »

What is the Difference between American and French Manicure?

Historically speaking In ancient Babylonia, males colored their nails with kohl. The nail color indicated ‘status’, where males of a higher class wore black, while males of a lower class wore green. From 5000 BCE to 3000 BCE, ancient Egyptian women used the color of one’s nails to indicate their social status. Do you need a day out for pampering?… Read more »