Fashion Rules You Can Break

Fashion rules you can break

While a couple of decades ago, you would have been ostracized for going against fashion conventions, today you will be nothing less than a groundbreaking fashionista if you broke the same.

Sure, sticklers for rules will turn in their graves wondering how is it even possible to play around with these commandments that should have been set in stone. But any fashion diva worth her (or his) salt will tell you that there is so much more you can do with style by just stepping out of those fixed borders. Ergo, presenting our top eight picks of fashion rules that should be completely done away with.
8 Fashion Rules You Should Definitely Break
Nothing in the world of fashion is set in stone … anymore. Some may even say that the more rules you break, possibly the more fashion-forward you are. To join that category of fashion daredevils, here is a cheat sheet of fashion conventions that you can break.
Rule to break: Thou shalt not be clothed in two or more prints at once.

It takes major cojones to break this rule. Prints are usually bold and intense. Most people (including yours truly) wear prints minimally. So wearing two strong prints together can seem like a bit of an OTT statement. Bend this rule by teaming a minimalistic print with a bold pattern, in colors that complement each other. The black & white color combo is the perfect way to assimilate this rule breaker into your wardrobe.
Rule to break: Thou shalt not wear denim with denim.

Denim trousers are go-to outfits for most women. And denim shirts or chambray shirts have always held a certain appeal. So why not just team the two? If you want to wear denim with denim

How to Do Dramatic Drag Queen Makeup

Drag Queen makeup

To make your nose look straighter, apply a lighter shade of matt eye shadow from the middle of your eyes to the ridge your nose. Blend in the sharp contrast with your regular foundation.
As we already know, drag queens are men who dress and act exaggeratedly like women. But when it comes to makeup, no one does it better than a drag queen. Bright and colorful, full of sparkle, glitter, sequins, adorn the closets of any drag queen. The look isn’t complete without those amazing wigs of the most unexpected colors and style. Jewel colors, with oodles of sparkle, and tons of attitude makes anyone into a drag queen diva.
ProductsYou Will Need for a Dramatic Drag Queen Makeup

Artificial Eyelashes
Eyes Pencil (Kohl)
3 Colors of Eyeshadows
Lip Pencil

how to do dramatic drag queen makeup
Before you begin the makeup process, you need that your face is perfectly shaved and well-moisturized.

You will need to apply a day cream (preferably with a good SPF).
Apply the foundation. Now you can do this either with a foundation brush or your fingertips. You will know that it is applied properly when all those little imperfections are well covered and lightened. Do not overdo this. You don’t want to look like you’ve dipped your face in flour.
Apply the concealer. As its name suggests, this is to conceal all the imperfections, making the skin look flawless, and to hide any under-eye bags. Apply it carefully under your eyes. Use your fingertips for better application.
Time for powder or loose powder. This is to set your makeup well and to give an even complexion. It will also help the makeup last longer. Use a big